Treatment for Pain Agoura Hills

Millions of Americans suffer from chronic pain, which can be difficult not only to diagnose but also to treat. There are different types of chronic pain conditions, and they vary in severity. Often, the pain affects the quality of life of those suffering.

At Awakenings Treatment Center, our team of experts understands the impact and severity of various kinds of chronic pain conditions. In some instances, the pain can be a result of multiple medical conditions, and that’s why treatment for pain in Agoura Hills must be individualized. Our professional staff is highly experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic pain conditions. So, if you or a loved one is affected by chronic pain, we are here for you.

Chronic Pain Conditions Treated at Awakenings

Below are some of the chronic pain conditions we treat at our Agoura Hills pain management treatment center.

  • Back and neck disorders
  • Arthritis
  • Central nervous system sensitivity
  • Oro-facial pain
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Headaches
  • Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Type 1 and Type 2
  • Opiate hyperalgesia
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Various rheumatic and musculoskeletal conditions

Diagnosis of Chronic Pain

Different kinds of techniques are used to determine the exact source of the underlying pain symptoms. For instance, nerve studies, physical exams, and diagnostic imaging can help pinpoint the area of pain so that treatment is focused on that specific site.

Many types of pain come from unknown origins, thus making southern California pain treatment in Agoura Hills quite difficult. Fortunately, Awakenings uses advanced diagnostic techniques as well as treatment methods to help our patients learn how to relieve and manage their painful symptoms so that they can lead more fulfilling and comfortable lives.

Our treatment Plans

Pain can make it hard to take care of yourself, family, and even go to work or have fun. At Awakenings, we want to make you feel better and get relief from your painful condition. We start by determining what is causing you pain and take into account any medical treatment you’re receiving or have been given in the past, your current condition, and medical history. Then, using both complementary and conventional evidence-based treatments, we develop a plan for treatment for pain in Agoura Hills that meets your specific needs for optimal results.

Our clinical team is experienced in reducing pain levels, and you’ll be taught how to work on your spiritual, physical, and mental components to learn effective pain management techniques and also achieve pain relief. This will improve the quality of your life and allow you to live a fulfilling life once more.

If a chronic pain condition has impacted your life, and you want to explore the best and latest treatment options, come see us at Awakenings. We can come up with a personalized plan for pain management in Agoura Hills to help give you relief from your painful condition.

Get Relief from Chronic Pain at Last

Are you looking for the best pain medicine doctors near Agoura Hills, CA? We can help. Our team of experts is continually updating the methods of treating chronic pain conditions. Whether you’re recovering from a severe orthopedic injury or you have arthritis, we offer second to none, advanced options for pain management near Agoura Hills. If you wish to get in touch with us and for admissions, click here.

Treatment for Pain Agoura Hills