Retirement Community Ames

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Retirement Community Ames

Northridge Village is amongst the top Ames Iowa assisted living facilities. We started our Senior living in Ames IA in the memory of our relative Maggie Edith Pearl Jensen, who was a wonderful human being, always giving towards the community and going out of her ways to support and help others, but when the time came for her to require the need of Living communities in Ames IA, her experience was not fulfilling and very unsatisfying. The rudeness of the staff at her facility, along with no regard for privacy, and entertainment, made her time in the facility a dreaded one. Hence in 2015, we laid the ground for our retirement community Ames and since 2015 we are successfully providing the best assisted living facilities in Ames IA so that no senior in Ames should go through what Maggie did and they can spend the rest of their lives comfortably and pleasurably.

What To Expect From Us?

Life at our facilities is very simple. We listen to what our residents’ expectations are from us and go above and beyond to fulfill them. Whether it is an adult looking for a peaceful and quiet life that is free from the worrying of the provision of necessities, and just wanting to lounge in their personal space and spend the rest of their time in solitude, or it is an adult who wants constant assistance and the availability of someone by their side 24/7 who helps them in any way they need, listens to them and takes care of them as their blood would. We value these demands of our residents and make sure that we meet their expectations.

Along with listening to their demands, we run high on the sense of community and adding the aspect of entertainment in our residents’ lives. From tv cable and the internet to several joyful social gatherings, we make sure that our residents are provided with everything to make their experience a very wholesome, satisfying, and pleasant one.

When it comes to the provision of top-of-the-line amenities, we believe that no housing facility can beat us. We always provide the best of everything. Our top-notch spa, fitness center, library, and community center are fully equipped with the best information as well as entertaining materials and we provide a world-class luxurious experience for our residents.

Our medical assistance is also one of the finest. We have staff that is trained to deal with all sorts of medical conditions and situations and provide the best medical care for the residents who require it.

If you get acquainted with us and enroll yourself or someone you love with us, you should expect a very peaceful, pleasant, and loving experience with us. With no unnecessary troubles or reservations from our side or our community. We will make sure that we make your experience the most memorable and cherished part of your life.

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Retirement Community Ames

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