Marijuana Addiction Treatment Center Harrisburg

Marijuana Addiction Treatment Center Harrisburg

You may already know about marijuana and its popularity as a recreational drug. While many feel it is harmless because fatal overdoses are extremely rare, it is possible to become addicted. Whether you or a loved one has been dealing with marijuana addiction, you can seek help at the right center for addiction. When working with professionals at a marijuana addiction treatment center in Harrisburg, you will have all the tools necessary to move onward on a path to recovery.

Know The Possible Side Effects Of Marijuana Addiction

You may not think that substance abuse therapy is necessary if the drug in question is marijuana. However, you should know some of the possible side effects that can develop with marijuana abuse. According to trusted drug and alcohol rehab resources, the potential side effects include:

  • Memory Problems – A notable issue of weed side effects relates to the human brain. As cannabis is consumed, it temporarily keeps the brain from forming new memories and gathering new information. Research has shown that often marijuana users are likely to have false memories and may experience other issues in the future.
  • Erectile Dysfunction – While working with trained professionals at a leading marijuana addiction treatment center in Harrisburg, you may find that many people deal with sexual dysfunction with constant marijuana use. The drug inhibits the tissue receptors, making it difficult for males to achieve a full erection. There may also be problems when trying to reach orgasm.
  • Mental Health Issues – Chronic marijuana smoking can put you at risk for mental health problems. This is especially true in younger people with brains that are not quite developed yet. Studies show that people who fail to seek help at an addiction treatment center and keep using marijuana may also have mental health concerns later on in life.
  • Chronic Cough – Repeated marijuana smoking means you have a higher chance of developing a cough that could become chronic. Additionally, this may bring on breathing issues along with excessive phlegm production. The side effects, in this case, are very similar to tobacco smoking.

Side Effects Of Marijuana Use

Many side effects come with marijuana use, including:

  • Altered heart rhythm or increased heart rate
  • Distorted response to touch, sounds, or sights
  • Altered perception of time
  • Increased appetite
  • Impaired reaction times, posing a risk when driving or operating machinery
  • Dry eyes and/or dry mouth
  • Issues with problem-solving, thinking, and memory
  • Coordination issues
  • Slow digestion
  • Low blood pressure or dizziness

Get Help At Detox And Treatment Centers

Despite the perception that marijuana is harmless, certain risks are involved, especially for younger people. When you or a loved one is dealing with marijuana addiction, it is important to get the help you need.

There is nothing wrong with admitting there might be a problem and getting the help you need. If you are curious about visiting a marijuana addiction treatment center in Harrisburg, we will answer your questions and address your concerns at Bold Steps Behavioral Health. Call our intake team today at (717) 818-0731 to get help for yourself or a loved one. We can also help you verify your insurance.

Marijuana Addiction Treatment Center Harrisburg

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Marijuana Addiction Treatment Center Harrisburg

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