Eating Disorder Treatment Orange County

Eating Disorder Treatment Orange County

Eating disorders can change your life in many negative ways. An eating disorder is an obsession with food that interferes with a person’s well-being gripped by the habit. Although we all worry about our weight from time to time, people with eating disorders go the extra mile to keep themselves from gaining weight.

Amidst the possible symptoms of an eating disorder are deliberate under-eating with weight loss, fear of gaining weight, refusal to eat or tendency to skip meals, denial of hunger, wearing clothes that are too loose, excessive hair growth on body or face, and so on.

If you are currently suffering from an eating disorder, be rest assured you get your eating disorder treatment in orange county from us at Experience Recovery.

Treating eating disorders can sometimes be challenging. We are created differently from the other; hence, the effectiveness of treatment differs in each individual. This is why it’s crucial to seek medical detox and rehab in orange county for a medical, professional examination and get the best treatment for your condition.

What Are Eating Disorders?

Eating disorders are characterized by seriously problematic attitudes and behaviors regarding diet, weight, body shape, and body image. These disorders are often accompanied by emotional problems (such as depression and anxiety) and medical complications that can lead to hospitalization.

Eating disorders can be life-threatening, and often, they require specialized treatment. It’s the leading cause of chronic disease in adolescents, with symptoms that often persist for many years.

Eating disorders are further categorized into;

  • Anorexia nervosa

This eating disorder is characterized by excessive dietary restriction and an intense fear of gaining weight. Extreme weight loss resulting from untreated anorexia can often be life-threatening. The affected person may view dietary restriction as a sign of mastery and control, making the behavior obsessive (almost addictive).

  • Bulimia

This eating disorder consists of binge eating episodes followed by purging, including inducing vomiting, taking laxatives, or exercising excessively. As with anorexia nervosa, victims may have an intense fear of gaining weight or an obsessive desire to lose it.

  • Binge eating

This is characterized by recurrent episodes of eating abnormally, abundant food over a specified period (for example, bingeing for two hours). The affected person may experience a complete loss of control over their food intake and experience feelings of guilt, shame, and disgust. Over time, gorging can become compulsive.

Treating eating disorders could be difficult, especially when trying to sort things out yourself. The best method to get rid of your eating disorder is to reach out to a medical professional for detox and treatment in orange county.

At Experience Recovery, we offer services ranging from drug and alcohol rehab in Orange County, CA, to eating disorder treatment in orange county.

Our Eating Disorder Treatment

At Experience Recovery, our clinic provides follow-up for our patients with anorexia nervosa, bulimia, restrictive or avoidant eating disorder, and other specified eating disorders. This category includes sub-eating disorders clinical and atypical.

Each patient goes through a comprehensive assessment process that gives room for a personalized treatment plan.

We also work with patients whose diet is limited by the food’s sensory characteristics (appearance of food, taste, smell, texture) or by previous negative experiences. The dietary restrictions must have caused weight loss, stagnation in growth, or generate severe anxiety and emotional distress related to specific foods or the diet in general.

We handle our patients with the utmost care, and we ensure that they get the best care possible. For the best of Orange County addiction treatment and eating disorder treatment, contact Experience Recovery for the best detox and addiction treatment in Orange County: 800-970-3973.

Eating Disorder Treatment Orange County

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