Covid And Depression Agoura Hills

Awakenings Treatment Center is a top-rated clinic for mental health problems, addiction, chronic pain, and eating disorders. We treat several cases of covid and depression in Agoura Hills and help individuals overcome their symptoms and lead a healthy lifestyle.

The Impact Of COVID 19 On Addiction And Your Mental Health

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the way most people live their lives. It has altered daily routines, increased financial pressures, and has made isolation mandatory. Worrying about falling sick, the length of the pandemic, losing your job, etc., can cause you to experience symptoms of anxiety and depression. 

Seeking treatment for COVID depression can help you experience less stress, anxiety, fear, and sadness and help you manage anxiety and depression symptoms. Failing to seek timely help for anxiety can lead to substance abuse problems. If you have issues quitting alcohol or drugs, seek specialty addiction treatment at the earliest.

Do I Need Therapy For Covid-Related Depression?

While stress is an inevitable aspect of our life, some people face multiple challenges pushing them beyond their ability to cope. Stress is the body’s normal psychological and physical reaction to real-life situations. Several people have mental health issues from time to time and experience symptoms of anxiety, depression, etc. However, these feelings change over time.

If you find yourself experiencing sadness, irritability, anger, or hopelessness despite your best efforts, you must consider treatment for depression and anxiety from COVID 19. Similarly, if you have trouble concentrating on specific tasks, suffer from appetite changes, or experience sleep-related difficulties, it may be time to ask for help. Leaving these symptoms untreated can cause you to feel miserable and cause problems in your routine life.

Self-care Strategies For Mental Health Wellness

Self-care strategies can help you keep your mental and physical health in check and enable you to take charge of your life. Here’s how to improve and maintain mental health wellness during the pandemic:

  • Take care of your body – Get enough sleep, participate in regular physical activity, and eat a healthy diet. Avoid tobacco use, alcohol, and drugs. Individuals who smoke tobacco or vape drugs are at a higher risk of lung disease and can face life-threatening consequences if they contract COVID-19.
  • If you need help managing the anxiety or depression symptoms or quitting drugs, consult a doctor specializing in substance abuse during the pandemic.
  • Limit screen time – Turn off electronic devices at least 30 to 60 minutes before bedtime to minimize the time wasted in front of a television, tablet, phone, or computer. Spend a couple of minutes for yourself and use this quiet time by practicing yoga, tai chi, mindfulness, etc. These exercises can calm your mind and reduce anxiety. You may also try getting a bubble bath, listening to some music, or reading a book, whichever helps you relax.
  • Reduce stress triggers – Maintain a routine and stick to it. Maintaining consistency in your everyday activities can reduce stress and allow you to feel more in control.

Mental health problems like anxiety or depression do not resolve on their own. Leaving them untreated can lead to worsening symptoms. Seek help for covid and depression in Agoura Hills today by reaching Awakenings Treatment Center at 855-717-3268. With a dedicated, experienced, and compassionate team of medical practitioners and behavioral therapists, we help our clients embrace improved mental wellness and emotional stability.

Covid And Depression Agoura Hills